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About company and  Operational areas


Nowadays the Research Institute "CENTERPROGRAMSYSTEM" is the biggest IT company in Tver region. It has headquarters in Tver city and branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The company was established in 1971 and now focuses on research, development, production and implementation of software, various automated control systems and information systems. This production is delivered to many Russian regions and some other countries.

The most valuable resource is personnel that now consists of over 500 experts including 400 engineers and technicians (programmers, system analysts, researchers). More than 60 of them hold academic degrees.

The company has a good material and technical base, research and special project facilities, pilot production, secure enterprise networks. Working areas cover over 10 000 square meters. There is also a modern hotel for 90 people.
Since 1988 the Research Institute has been publishing an international scientific and practical journal "Software & Systems". It contains articles of famous scientists and leading experts about different ways of development and use of software and hardware, as well as fundamental academic and practical use of IT.

A Quality Management System of the company regarding development, production, installation, setup, maintenance, repair and sale of weapons, military and special equipment is certificated according to ISO 9001-2011.

Operational areas of the company:

1. Automation of materiel management
For 20 years the Research Institute "CENTERPROGRAMSYSTEM" has been focusing on automation of materiel management. The company does all kinds of works: R&D projects, finished goods production, goods delivery and setup on site, adjusting, implementation, operation testing and disposal.
One of the most important company developments in this area is creating a materiel management automated system for the Russian Navy. The system provides materiel management automation of naval forces, data collection on naval forces, combined arms and air force unit maintenance status, as well as on maintenance units and organizations to plan and carry out maintenance on all life cycle stages of weapons and military equipment.

2. Automation of marine rescue activities
Over the past few years the company has implemented several big projects in this area. One of the most important projects includes development and implementation of an automated marine rescue control system for the Russian Navy. This innovation is designed to automate activities of naval operational staff and mobile teams of naval research companies, to provide automated interaction with emergency services from other Russian Ministries and Agencies, to coordinate rescue actions of Russian and foreign services.

3. Information support for education and combat training
The Research Institute "CENTERPROGRAMSYSTEM" is one of the leading Russian developers and suppliers of training aids for education and training Russian and foreign specialists, combat units and ship crews. Now our training products are installed almost in all naval academic institutions, training centers of the Russian Navy, fleet training centers and classes. Our training aids are based on local area networks that unite a training instructor station, a computational modeling complex (for simulators) and trainee automated workplaces.

There are some solutions depending on customer requirements:

3.1 Automated training systems
for automated trainings based on computer training programs that are developed using our own software tools. These systems provide development of various trainings (theoretical, practical, test), their performance, changing training plan and adding new training material.

3.2 Part task trainers
for individual and group training of armaments samples maintenance and combat employment specialists. Such trainers include hardware and software simulator devices or training equipment.

3.3 Complex simulators
for training various combat units in order to solve tactical and operational tasks. A distinguishing feature of such simulators is their focus on specialists (operators) cooperation in ship control, aircraft control, department, tactical group or unit control.

3.4 Simulators for technical equipment control and ship damage control
for drilling ship technical equipment control methods, ship damage control skills, emergency assessment skills under fire conditions, water entrance, high pressure air, radiation hazard and for making decisions on ship damage control, stability assessment, ship righting and buoyancy.

3.5 A hardware and software module for training administration and complexation
for creating shared information modeling space that provide integration processes, which are aimed to combine simulators of different manufacturers  into training systems under single control in single tactical situation.

Gained technological advances and experience in naval training aids development can be used everywhere for staff education and training

4. Integrated control systems and special-purpose digital signal processing systems
The Research Institute "CENTERPROGRAMSYSTEM" develops software for integrated systems with heterogeneous architecture, distributed computing and dataflow processing based on reprogrammable element base to solve control problems and signal space adaptation problems.

We welcome the opportunity to build productive partner relationships that benefit our customers and partners alike. Mutual trust and an interest in effective coordination are key concepts in our work. Our customers are everyone who needs a professional approach to problem solving, flexible pricing, latest technologies, quality, reliability, follow-on support and product development. Our professional personnel, an experience in major projects management in Russia and foreign countries, a reliable material and technical base is all that makes our products meet the strict requirements of the customers.

We are always ready to collaborate and open to accepting good suggestions by other parties.


Contact information:

The Research Institute "CENTERPROGRAMSYSTEM"
50 let Oktyabrya Ave. 3a, Tver, Russian Federation, 170024
Website: www.cps.tver.ru
E-mail: info@cps.tver.ru
Phone: +7 (4822) 44-32-44
Fax: +7 (4822) 39-91-00