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  About company and Business areas

Nowadays the Research Institute CENTERPROGRAMSYSTEM is the biggest IT company in Tver region. It is headquartered in Tver city and has branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The company was established in 1971 and now focuses on research, development, production and implementation of software, various automated control systems and information systems. For the last 3 years the company has fulfilled more than 50 research and development projects and sci-tech services on behalf of government customers and industrial enterprises.

The most valuable resource is personnel that now consists of over 450 experts including 400 engineers and technicians. More than 60 of them hold academic degrees.

The company has a good material and technical base, research and special project facilities, pilot production, secure enterprise networks. Working areas cover over 10 000 square meters. There is also a modern hotel for 90 people.
Since 1988 the Research Institute has been publishing an international scientific journal "Software & Systems". It contains articles of famous scientists and leading experts about different ways of development and use of software and hardware, as well as fundamental academic and practical use of IT.

A Quality Management System of the company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Business areas of the company:


1. Integrated control automation 

For 20 years the Research Institute CENTERPROGRAMSYSTEM has been focusing on automation of materiel management. The company performs a complete range of activities that are R&D projects, finished goods production, goods delivery and on-site setup, operational testing and maintenance. A range of activities includes development of automated and information systems; materiel management automation; military authorities automation; software development for situation centers.

2. Automation of learning and combat training

The Research Institute CENTERPROGRAMSYSTEM is a leading developer of modern training facilities for the Russian Navy (since 1992). Our experience, scientific-and-technological groundwork and implemented solutions might be applied in all armed service branches. We have experience in creating training equipment for the armed forces of foreign countries (China, Vietnam, India).

Complex simulators of the Research Institute allow practicing interaction between managers of different levels and specialists’ teamwork when controlling complex technical means. A range of activities includes:


  • integrated automation of educational organizations of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;
  • package solutions for academic training automation;
  • package solutions for simulation training automation;
  • modeling of complex technical objects and systems;
  • manufacturing, delivery, service maintenance and upgrading developed items.


The types of the developed training equipment (training aids):


  • automated training systems (academic training of specialists and command staff);
  • computer simulators for individual and group training of specialists and command staff (tactical and part-task simulators);
  • computer simulators of technical means (radar stations, various control panels, devices, etc.);
  • functional mock-up for training purposes (full-scale specimens);
  • dynamic simulators;
  • simulator complexes (complicated systems that combine specific training equipment into one hardware and software package). 


3. Embedded systems for signal control and digital processing

A range of activities in this field includes:


  • complex hardware and software design of embedded systems for signal synthesis and digital processing;
  • development of efficient algorithms and implementation of hard real-time functional processes for intelligent signal control and adaptive signal processing for active phased (digital) array systems; 
  • software development (functional and technological) for embedded heterogeneous systems with distributed computing and stream data processing to solve the problems of condition monitoring, multivariate data control and digital processing (including adaptive digital beam forming, timing budget and energy resource management, spectrum analysis and super resolution, noise filtering, location object tracking and identification).


4.  Simulation of complex engineering systems

We develop computer simulators of technical objects that provide the possibility of studying an object state under changing external and internal situation parameters considering control actions. A range of activities:


  • object modelling when creating simulators to control technical means; it is based on a complex object model as a system of algebraic and differential equations, which provides the possibility of real-time simulation of static states and transition processes;
  • simulation of the behavior of objects, technical and support subsystems, crew members under normal and emergency conditions;
  • external influence simulation;
  • simulation of control systems.


Modelling object classes include complex technical objects (machines); production process (production facilities); environmental targets, biological objects, etc.



  • behavioral research on complex objects under given conditions;
  • object management, process management, optimization of process mode parameters;
  • training systems;
  • operator training systems, integrated personnel training systems;
  • research systems.


 We welcome the opportunity to build productive partner relationships that benefit our customers and partners alike. Mutual trust and an interest in effective coordination are key concepts in our work. Our customers are everyone who needs a professional approach to problem solving, flexible pricing, latest technologies, quality, reliability, follow-on support and product development. 

We are always ready to collaborate and open to accepting good suggestions by other parties.

  Contact information:

The Research Institute "CENTERPROGRAMSYSTEM"
50 let Oktyabrya Ave. 3a, Tver, Russian Federation, 170024
Website: www.cps.tver.ru
E-mail: info@cps.tver.ru
Phone: +7 (4822) 44-32-44
Fax: +7 (4822) 39-91-00